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Central Flying Academy Aircraft Fleet

Our superb fleet of 11 Aircraft consists of the following:

  • 8 Cessna 172’s all fitted with advanced navigation equipment.
  • 1 Cessna 172 Retractable Gear Complex trainer.
  • 1 Piper Twin Commanche recently fitted with Factory Remanufactured Engines.

This substantial fleet ensures that there is no waiting for bookings for aircraft. In the unlikely event of a maintenance issue there are additional aircraft available eliminating the cancelling of lessons.

Safety and Professional maintenance are cornerstones in the CFA Academy. All our aircraft are owned by us and professionally maintained by our maintenance organization so you can rest assured that everything is being done for you to have a safe and enjoyable flight.

Bristell Southern Africa

We are the Southern African distributer for BRM Aero’s BRISTELL aircraft. BRM AERO LTD offers excellent customer service, maintenance work and any kind of modification, as part of their standard service - Visit www.bristell.co.za for more information.