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Central Flying Academy Why train with us?

CFA is conveniently located at Rand Airport, which has 2 runways, and a manned ATC. This reduces delays in training due to cross wind conditions and exposes you to good radio etiquette and communication procedures. Our fleet of 8 Cessna 172’s, 1 Cessna 172 RG complex trainer and Piper Twin Commanche are all owned and maintained by Central Flying Academy and our approved AMO is based at Rand Airport.

Safety and good Airmanship are cornerstones of our Academy and we strive to ensure that this ethos is carried with you as you progress in your aviation adventure.

You'll become part of an elite circle of more than 650 000 other proud aeronauts. You'll learn your Alpha Bravo Charlies. You'll strap in. You'll take the controls. You'll impress even yourself!

In the air and on the ground, we provide the highest level of the learn-to-fly experience. We understand pilots and what it takes to be a pilot, like no one else. Period.

Throughout history, more people have learned to fly in a Cessna than any other aircraft. Cessna have been building aircraft for over 80 years, and for the past 37 years.

CFA offers the entire package. Here's a sample of what awaits you:

  • An unparalleled, state-of-the-art, pilot training program in a safe, friendly, comfortable and dynamic atmosphere in which to learn.
  • Knowledgeable flight instructors to mentor you, motivate your learning and accommodate your requirements - think of it as having your own personal cockpit-fitness trainer!
  • Training in dependable Cessna aircraft.
  • A proven instruction program that makes becoming a pilot easier than ever.
  • The most holistically structured, career orientated programme in the market.
  • Our formal ground school, where a peer environment is encouraged, is an industry benchmark in flying tuition.
  • We have upgraded avionics on all our Cessna 172 aircraft.
  • CFA is conveniently located at Rand Airport where accommodation and a restaurant are on site. All other general amenities are less than 5 minutes away.

Contrary to popular belief, pilots can wear glasses or contact lenses to correct vision. And other physical and medical limitations don't automatically keep you from learning to fly either.

In the air you'll earn your wings through personal instruction in the cockpit. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requires that you to have a minimum of 45 hours flying experience, and successfully pass a skills test in order to obtain the PPL. Those hours include time behind the controls with and without your instructor and a few cross-country flights. You also systematically work through the Private Pilot course by learning different exercises necessary in order to fly a plane.

Relax. You can do it. The Cessna aircraft you will train on are extremely stable and very forgiving. And all our aircraft are meticulously maintained to ensure the utmost safety and top performance.

During the course of the programme, you will take the CAA written exams in our approved CAA Testing Centre and when you are ready, you will be recommended for a practical flying test. During ground school and flight training, we will prepare you for these milestones with a series of trial runs. We have excellent facilities where you may take mock exams, ensuring you are fully prepared for the actual examinations.

Bristell Southern Africa

We are the Southern African distributer for BRM Aero’s BRISTELL aircraft. BRM AERO LTD offers excellent customer service, maintenance work and any kind of modification, as part of their standard service - Visit www.bristell.co.za for more information.