Welcome to the Central Flying Academy

You've dreamt about it since you were young. You've always wanted to be a pilot. Every time an aircraft flies over, you stop what you're doing to gaze upwards. After all, flying is true freedom, real autonomy. It removes boundaries and extends horizons. It brings you closer to those you love. And those places you love to be. You've always dreamt of flying but maybe thought: "I'm not smart enough", "It'll take too long", "It's too expensive". Just ask any pilot - They'll tell you the joys of flying are well worth it. Worth the time, the money, the energy and the commitment.

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Fly with us

Central Flying Academy regularly arranges fly-ins and breakfast trips and often weekends away

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We run several pilot training courses that cover the requirements for Private (PPL), Commercial (CPL) and Airline Transport (ATPL) Pilot Licenses

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Central Flying Academy is one of the largest flying schools in Southern Africa. Keep up with our updates and check out the CFA news

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Bristell Southern Africa

We are the Southern African distributer for BRM Aero’s BRISTELL aircraft. BRM AERO LTD offers excellent customer service, maintenance work and any kind of modification, as part of their standard service - Visit www.bristell.co.za for more information.