While disciplined and professional flight training is very important, one should never underestimate the importance of proper and dedicated theoretical training.

The academic courses will form the basis and foundation of the rest of your flying career.

The subjects cover a range of topics such as Aviation Law, Principles of Flight (Aerodynamics), Meteorology, Navigation, Aircraft Technical (systems and instruments), Instrument Flight, Human Performance, Flight Planning, Navigation and more.

For the PPL theoretical examinations, the subjects are presented on Saturday mornings (08h00 – 16h00) and will run in blocks throughout the year. Alternative dates and times can be arranged on request.

We run several ground school courses for subjects that cover the requirements for the SACAA Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot Licenses.

The courses are presented in blocks; CPL lectures are conducted in day and night classes whilst ATPL lectures are conducted in night classes only. These courses are presented several times a year.

At Central Flying Academy we understand training and know that every trainer and instructor have a preferred style and lecturing method. This is why many of our instructors and lecturers have contributed their knowledge over the years to complete our training material.


  • PPL manuals written for South African conditions.
  • Night Rating manual.
  • Advanced Instrument Training manual.
  • CPL manuals to cover the complete SACAA syllabus.
  • ATP manuals to cover the complete SACAA syllabus.

In addition to the standard manuals, all our lectures are done by means of proper power point presentations. These are also available to students as an additional study aid.

It’s easy to tell why our courses are of the best quality available, as all of our training manuals are printed in full colour supplemented by a power point slide show.

Unlike the manuals of most other training institutions, Central Flying Academy’s manuals provide in-depth coverage of the topics they discuss.

The manuals include extensive references to further materials and make use of the best graphics. Our manuals are constantly revised to keep their information correct and up-to-date.

Our high pass rate in the SACAA examinations is proof that our manuals are the best available in the market.